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Any tips for tuning up my A4 1.8T? Looking for power but still need economy and reliability as it is the family car :rolleyes: (I hope my missis doesn't find this site :!: ).
A chip change remap is the way to go with these you can get another 40-50bhp easily! More is on offer if you go for a bigger turbo but as you still want economy and reliability Id stick for an out of the box tuning chip. :wink:
Agree with above comment. Chips are easy and undetectable some can even be switched into a valet mode for servicing etc...
A silly 300BHP being the operative word......unless of course you will be going all the way with suspension and brake modifications. :D
I wanted to ask the same question as I am thinking of a remap for my own car.
There is a minefield of companies out there quoting everything from 40
and 50BHP increases to the 'Oettinger' approved dealer in my area who says a more realistic hike to 212 BHP should be gone for with their stage one tuning set up.
Oettinger themselves offer a 270BHP conversion which they say makes for an ideal A4 fast road car. After that its a fight to keep the torque steer down.
But for me it looks like a Revo remap that will do the trick. £450 or thereabouts.
What does the Revo claim powerwise? I'd be really interested to hear how you get on as an A3 1.8T owner!
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