a4 1.8t remap?

nottingham england
audi a4 1.8t sport
hello there,
i own a 1995 a4 1.8t and want to make it quicker not stoopidfast just nicely driveable,i'm thinking of a revo stage1 remap,is this a good upgrade? are there any other parts i should consider upgrading as a matter of course to keep the car reliable?
this is my first turbo'd car so i'm on a bit of a learning curve here,cheers.
This guy just done remap on my car very recently with well known tuning Viezu file.

He is a approved trader on this forum so send him a message.
I don't know anything about remapping cars with turbo, but when I put your details on his website, it came up with MASSIVE +40bhp and +70Nm increase, and if you lucky it will cost you under 300quid if he still does the promotional rate.

Throttle response will be much faster and you will feel the extra performance straight away.
Read this thread, I've reviewed my experience with this guy and his tunning.


Bear in mind that your car is like half tone at least lighter than mine and you will gain more power, so your experience and smile on your face should be much bigger ;)

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