A3 Speakers

Audi A3 1.8T-Sport
Wasn't sure whether to post here or in the ICE bit but figured it'd get moved if i put it in the wrong place either way.

I've got a 97 A3 1.8T-Sport. How many speakers are there in here and where can i find them?

I've just forked out for a fancy loom to get the built in BOSE amp working but i've no idea where it is or what the hell its powering. I've uprated the front speakers with MTX ones which sound better than the factory items but still weak. My aim is upgrade all speakers and if i need to, fibreglass the spare wheel well and fit a sub too.

it should have
2 in the front with tweeters up top - at the door mirror
2 in the back with tweeters beside the leccy window switch

and i think those with the monsoon amps had a sub in the boot somewhere

(im basing this on my car as the interiors are pretty much the same)
lower models only had front speakers and tweeters although the grills are there in the back
The bass box is over the left (as you look at it) wheel arch.

I found it! The little 6.5" paper sub looks a bit lack-lustre.... Anyone know how many watts it gets or what ohms it runs at?

Is it worth upgrading the speaker itself (i have spare 6.5" fusion comps) or should i just sack it off and mount a nice DVC in the spare wheel well?

The BOSE speakers are deceptive, although small they do pack a good punch thanks in part to the high quality magnets. (Check it is Bose though.)
I always go for infinity speakers, they sound really nice and are reasonably priced

Infinity! I didn't even realise they were still about! I had infiniti kit in a civic years and years ago!

I think the A3 is going to be mostly MTX though, i can get them cheap locally and they sound pretty good. I still have a load of Fusion gear left over from my Jag install too so some of that might sneek in. Might even get around to fitting my 15" Dragster dvc (made by rockford fosgate i believe) at some stage in the future.

Ever look in the loft an realise you have way too much car audio equipment stashed away up there....haha?
No I don't get that really, I just chuck it in my car and hay presto

and infinity are brillant, thes seem to have the best sound at the moment
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