A world without 4x4 Subarus


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Can you imagine a world where Subaru only produced 2 wheel drive cars?

As pressure increases on manufacturers to produce economical cars things like fuel sapping 4x4 drive systems are increasingly likely to be dropped.

Would a 2wd Subaru be as much fun? Will Subaru ever drop 4x4 for some or all of its models?
We used to have a 1983 2 door Subaru like this - not a justy, cant even remember what it was called, but it had a big level in the centre consul to adjust from 2wd to 4wd. Had a low top speed but the torque was unbelievable, great for pulling trailers. Pig on petrol though, did about the same to the gallon as my scooby does now.
I would be ok with dropping 4wd as long as it optional symmetrical and the 2wd keeps the awsome handling

No 2wd car will handle the same as the equivelent awd model - it simply cant be done

Now whether its better or not is another question............................

And last time this question came up the thread went mental if I remeber correctly :lol:
subaru automatic tranny cars are more FWD bias as are many others this helps mpg as well but hurts performance, torque split on the manual trans cars was listed at 50-50, depending what you want. i see many smashed subies in the winter, the FALSE security of AWD, even AWD cars should run proper winter-snow tires in areas of cold,snowy weather
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