a resister for air con?


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vw golf v6 4motion
hello all!
i havent been all for ages due to getting rid of my ol'1.6 for a lovely v64motion mk4. i say lovely......im booked in 4 4 new lambda sensors and a fan resister....£700!
my question is if i get the fan resister done, will it make my aircon work?
or is the compressor already knackard?
without aircon is it worth having the job done?
typed that really quick, goota goo out.
plise ignoried any micespellings or bad grarma.
and why do tey mark the word dislexsick so ard to smell?
and if my cat is bust....(which it could be) is it worth getting a sports cat?
wheres a good place and price to get one?
milltek or ebay?
i surpose a cow would have leather seats......mmm food for thought.
just annoyed at not knowing how it all works,
that is why im here!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(if i get offers for daisy or eeorw im leaving)
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Yes I would still get a second opinion, are those main dealer prices? If it was me I would try & find an independent VAG specialist & get another quote.
Miltek are about the best you can buy IMO. Don't rush out to buy a new cat though. The Lambda sensors have probably gone at the same time due to an underlying issue. Was this car affected by the Tesco contaminated fuel issue a few years back?

Have you checked that there are no misfires?
well,...just finished work and had a bumpy ride home on my donkey (ive named him tadams) and picked up two hippy hitchhikers following a star,...it looked like henry kelly to me.
any how back to the v6!
its going to a vag specialist (he he thats wot me bird calls me) and he is fitting vw parts.
if the resistor is fitted it should fix the slower fan.
so i guess i will have to see if the air con is knackard (cheers mr hdi fun)
has anyone got the lambdas cheaper from anywhere? (not aftermarket ones)
also where can i get a milltek sports cat from?
i have looked on there website etc but, there is one for everything but a v6 4motion.
is it the same as r32?
got ta go hav'a banana!!!!!!! cheers all!
no, it sounds fine.
engine good.
its booked in for friday so i will see how it goes.....
thanks all, i will let you know how i get on.
still got 2 days any bids better than £110ish for a genuine sensor????????
going once.........

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