a question about air conditioning


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2.2 honda prelude
i have a 94 prelude and have been moaning about lack of power since i've had it but i turned on the air conditioning and my car seem to have more alot more power... even though i thought air conditioning was ment to slow your car down is there anyone who can explain this for me as i am a bit puzzled... thanks
Some cars are fitted with a mechanism that increases the RPM when the aircon is switched on.
As you already know when you turn the aircon on the RPM of the car drops and the car slows down, your car has probably got this mechanism (dont know how it works) that increases the RPM so the performance of the car doesn't decrease..

EDIT: And mate you need to sleep more, posted that at 3:41am? lol :p
you can hear the air con turn on but the bloke who had the car before me has wreaked the car so im tryin to put it all right get it running like new so i dont know if he has ever had aircon recharged or nething because it doesnt seem to make much of a change in temperture and yer i know 3:41am is a bit extreme but my cars my life its the only thing that cant stab u in the back so im always searching on ways to improve it lol
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