98 rover 214 plz help


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its not long since i fitted a gearbox and clutch to my car and it was fine, but now when the clutch is not pressed there is a noise coming from under the bonnet, i can only here it when the car is idling. when i press the clutch the noise goes away, any thoughts would be gratefully recieved.

2nd problem, this could be just that i love my car an want it to be super healthy but when the car is idling the car seems nervous if you understand what im saying, by nervous i mean unryhamatic vibration (not extreme vibration, just normal engine vibration with random beats)
Hi Bigdon23 and welcome to TorqueCars.

The noise sounds like a worn bearing how bad is it?

The vibration can be caused by lots of things. Is the car fully serviced? It is probably as simple as a bad plug or lead. It could be a dirty contact from a sensor. Unplug and reply all sensors with the engine off the aim is to scuff up the contacts a little. Clean up or replace the plugs if they look dirty.
Have you got a jubilee clip on the throttle body? I had a plastic throttle body on mine & I unwittingly deformed it slightly when I fitted a silicon elbow to it. It caused problems with tickover too. :embarrest:
ive got a 1.8 56mm TB on my 414 full alloy and is even been bored out to about 58mm
no problems other than a little bit of a rough idle...
i do how ever notice a very large difffernce to the responce ;)
Sounds like the thrust bearing. Mine did that and shortly after the clutch needed doing so I it both done and it stopped

dd you change the bearing at all?

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