97 Golf GTi clutch woes - ?advice?


UK peterborough
Golf V5 auto
hello ! The attached picure shows the clutch release bearing at the back of my gearbox - my questions are:
How far in should this go - it is in as far as i can push it by hand atm, and the actuating rod protrudes about 1cm from the end of the splined gearbox shaft when this bearing is in the fully in position. when i try to disengage the clutch there is no resitance at all on the pedal or by hand with everything reassembled - I have replaced all clutch components.
The actuating lever at the top of the picture also has a crack in it - is this normal?
the clutch went suddenly when it failed - one minute it was fine, the next minute I had no clutch at all and had to drive home in 2nd gear... Please feel free to offer advice/take the p*ss, or offer to buy me beer!


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