97 e320 turbo project


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mercedes e320
hello everyone.. does anybody know if the ecu can be re- mapped for a turbo. i anstalled a t3 t4 hybrid turbo with 6 psi of boost and intercooler
28 pound injectors car idles really nice but jurks and looses power and runs lean as soon as the turbo starts to spool up. let me know thanx
Have you tracked down megasquirt, or apexi Power FC aftermarket ECU's? I think the standard ones can be remapped but on a major conversion like this you can't beat starting from scratch.

Have you changed the sensors? (Maf/Map/Lambda etc..)

Are you still using the standard fuel pump? Is it delivering enough fuel to the injectors?
the fuel pump is the original.. i have a FMU on the return line when i get boost the
fuel pressure jumps to 80psi at idle the fuel pressure is at 50 psi the air flow meter is the stock one. i will check out those aftermaket ecu's. but if you guys think of any other ideas let me know.

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