95 BMW M3 3.0L S50B30US Turbo question


Fort Worth TX USA
95 BMW M3
Going crazy here. Installed a Garrett GT3582R on a rebuilt stock motor. Lowered compression using thicker MLS gasket. I am still using the 24lb injectors, Conforti chip, Schrick cams from original motor. When all set up and trying to run, its like its got a miss when holding throttle steady anytime above idle. Its running rich too. Vanos ok, no vacuum leaks. Today I disconnected the piping between IC and MAF sensor so could run like NA and it runs fine. MAF sensor ohms are fine. Could I have to much air thru the MAF causing this and if so, how do I fix that? Also Tial F38 WG set at 8psi so low boost. Been fighting this for two months so any insight would be greatly appreciated
Im not fully up on the finer points of tuning M3s but fitting a different turbo means a completely new map is needed on pretty much any car.

I doubt it is possible to get it running spot on with just a chip.
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I'd say it's a mapping issue too. You may have to get a whole new engine management system that can mapped accordingly and fine tuned as you don't want it running too much fuel.
Thanks for the feed back.
I am now in discussions with Miller Performance Cars about their W.A.R. (write and rewrite) chip and a special blow thru MAF for this specific application.
Seems that some Toyotas during the same years had similiar problems and the MAF wouldnt work with pressurized air. I can try to move the MAF to the intake side of the turbo or use their kit. I will let you know the outcome and again thank you for the fast replies

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