95 525i Oil service light..


U.S Fort Worth
95 Bmw 525i
My 95 525i bmw 185k miles had an oil changed just before i got it, the oil service bar light gradually dropped to yellow/red(end), then next time i got an oil change i figured the service bar would go back up but it didn't... The guy that changed my oil was giving me some speil about how my oils too black or something and saying i needed some 50$ engine flush!? never heard of that, but i did hear that changing ur own oil is better(cheaper of course) but because you can have it sit for a longer period which helps drain the older oil that norm wouldn't drain and sludges up. I figure the engine flush is just a quicker way to that, but i'm not sure. also when i was changing my spark plugs a lil while back i noticed there was some oil that seeped into a couple sparkplug compartments...i think it has something to do with a gasket but again i'm not sure. but would that cause the oil service bar not to go back up? i plan on getting it checked out when i bring it in for an alignment.
Any help or advice is well appreciated.:bigsmile:

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