93 2.3 Prelude auto.


New Eltham, London
2.3 Prelude
Right, i'm buying one of these and i want to know what i can do with it. Someone told me i can make it into a vtec with not too much work. I've taken this with a pinch of salt, but i want to know if it was possible. Thanks.
Sounds like a lot of work to me. The VTEC heads and non VTEC heads are AFAIK quite different beasts. I doubt you can easily put a VTEC head on it.
Well i bought it, and at £300 with only some minor minor body damage (a few little scratches and one little dent and nearly no rust at all) a few minor wiring issues and nothing wrong with the running parts, i can't really complain. My first decently tunable motor. I quite like the auto box to be honest. Went through her mot no problem. I'll have some pictures up in the next few days. Going to be uprating brake discs pads and lines later in the month, then lower springs and induction kit. Got the minor bits and bobs to repair on the body work including respraying the spoiler which i'll be doing next week. All in all i got a friggin steal with this one lol.
that conversion to the 2.2 vtec is simple /usually ...if the front engine harness and ecu comes with the motor then its all plug and play .nothing needs to change besides what i.ve mentioned

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