68 firebird 400 coupe


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2010 jumbuck
G'day I have just joined in the proton section with my jumbuck which I bought as a wheel barrow to carry the parts for my 68 400 firebird that I have only recently started to restore as I progress with the car I will post some pics if you like and may be we can share some part suppliers.
cheers. Mick:toung:
I'm looking forward to some pictures mate.
I had one of them, but slightly ''younger'' one, a tyre shredder ;)
Love the sound of it.
Great car, please post some pictures :)
It's going off shortly to have the body and paint done, and I will post some pics. the motor is near built 30 thou over flat top pistons H beam rods comp cam with roller rockers but that will now change to roller cam as I have fitted the edelbrock RPM performer alloy heads 5996 with the 72 cc camber next step is edelbrock fully sequential injection system and march serpintine belt kit it should be (but dont quote me ) around 450-500 hp at the fly-wheel. nice in a small vehicle like this. I doubt whether I will put a shift kit thru the tranny as it will be a daily driver and with fuel costs going the way the are it will be able to pass anything but a service station.
Im not a massive tunner so I dont understand most of this stuff, but all I can say that it sounds like one hell lot of car when is done, please update some pics later on and some video so I can listen the sound it makes after all this tweaks ;)
450-500 BHP !!!!!! Wow
welcome post some pics up once you get to 10 posts cant post pics before then

have had early firebirds and late ones think i will stick with the later ones but the early ones are fun
my 79 trans am was a meen thing
I don't mind the later models but pre anti-poloution engines give more scope for modifacation's with out any legal hic-up's and the body lines of the sixtiesto me are more pleasing than the square lines of later models.
i have had 2nd 3rd and 4th gen trans ams best one was my 01 ram air that did fly
and modding the stuff is not to bad

but agree modding early stuff is a lot easyer
The newer model's are nice but we have stepped out of classic muscle cars into late model plastic's. like the 2005 mustang that I converted to run gas vapour injection LPG .a very nice car to look and drove nicely but just didn't have the old mustang feel. I don,t know how to explain it it's just a feeling I get with older vehicles no anti lock brakes or traction control it is probably the fact that what you said is true that they are more basic and really I think that is the point.they are more of a joy to build,drive and show.
Jumpy, I know exactly what you mine ;)
Classic cars have that special thing, they make you feel so special, they have much less than modern cars but same time have that something, simple, gear lever, steering wheel, clutch,gas, breaks and You.
New Mustang, looks really nice, but same as you I would prefer to drive the old one :)
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