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del sol
Hi All, I have a crx del sol I am rebuilding it is a japan import I got off a friend I know very little about it and it has a few problems in the engine area . It had the timing belt changed at 50000kms and I just changed it at 152000kms also the water pump. Its only driven 100kms by me still needs oil change etc and is a project I would like to get going . The engine warning light comes on when the key is turned then goes out [normal?] but now I get 6 beeps [warning light out] this has only just started happening? the car starts fine but I don't want to drive it like this. Also I don't think the VTEC works. I think it is a 1500cc chassis code is EG1-1100463. Any information and help from my new friends is very apreciated, also any help I can give back ?..
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have you had any diagnositcs on it? this may give you more info than just trying to find out what the bleeps mean, you can pick up elm readers for very little money ok they may not tell you exactly what is wrong but at least you may have a code to google and see if it gives any more info
vtec is ok - thanks .The car has had a lot of work now but still has some issues i just came back to the site after being away a while and wanted to tidy up my post. could still use some help and i think i need 10 posts to put up pictures?
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