520i owner

Hi Buddy. Another Scot - welcome really nice to have you aboard. What mods have you done or got planned for you 520i?
hi waynne,havent really done anything to car yet but plan to get m5 wheels and i would love a spoiler but dont know if it would look good,what do you think?
Seen some pretty bad spoilers on BM's. Depends a lot on the look and colour - avoid the indycar scaffold picnic table look. A discreet white plastic spoiler looks great on a white car. Saw a BM at a show with loads of Fibre glass and that looked fantastic against the dark grey bodywork.
My car is silver,have tinted the windows getting new sound system this week,as for engine mods im just a wee girlie and don't understand any of the under the bonnet stuff any help in that department would be greatly appreciated.
Cheryl88 will be pleased to have another 'wee girly' along - :D I think she was feeling a bit lonely here. Your car sounds really nice. Go with carbon fibre - it looks great on Grey. Hope your new sounds system ROCKS - let us know - we've jsut started an ICE (in car entertainment) section here so if you have any tips to pass on feel free. 8)

The underbonnet stuff is not that complicated - especially when you've got us lot to explain it to you - the main site is a good place to start to get an overview of what is involved in tuning :!:
hiya!! another girly!!! if u need asny help explainin the under bonnet issues im happy to help, i unda stand mostly what the guys say! lol
Buddy - what in car entertainment setup are you going for - any tips to pass on?

I guess you want clarity for your Chopan and Bass for your 1812 overture :) Or are you more into Drum and Bass :? ?

I got a JVC DAB radio in my Audi and it is great it also plays WMA and MP3 so 1 CD has hours of music on it. The wiring and install cost more than the radio though - it was worth it though.
Hiya waynne,ur sound system seems really good,i am getting a kenwood kdc cd/mp3/wma player its the 2005 model.i really havent a clue what im talking about though.i get it fitted on saturday,will let you know what its like.
I used to have a Kenwood - they are not bad little set ups really. YOu will probably have a decision to make regarding power:-

When you get a radio fitted you usually need to decide wether you want the power to it all the time - so you have to switch it off yourself, or you can have the power syupplied with the ignition switch which means you can't have the radio on unless the ignition is on.

Some radios have a thing called 'logic' which means they are on all the time so you can switch it on whenever you want but they also work with the ignition so when you turn the engine off the radio goes off and next time you get in it remembers it was on and turns the radio back on. This is like most standard fit radio's. Tell the installer what you want and let him wire it up for you.
Ok thanks waynne,the guy thats installing it is very good he done my tints aswell and he will also be getting my new wheels.
At the moment there is no picture upload facility :cry: . You need to upload it to the web and then link to the picture. This is something I am working on for the relaunched site 8) and hopefully we can have a complete gallery for each member. Mean time I'll Pm you my email address and if you e me I'll post it up for you.
Smoked lights look pretty cool. It is worth doing an engine swap with a 2.5 and I believe there is also a turbo option. I'd ask in the BMW section and get the BMW owners to give their tips - I don't really know a lot about them myself.
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