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Hello everyone, I am new to this forum so I would like to introduce myself. My name is Fernando and I own a 1970 cadillac deville with a 472 engine. The 1970 472 engine is considered by many one of the best engines ever designed. It has a 10:1 compression and stock it produces 370 horses and 520 ft/lb torque. However do to a very bad experience with a mechanic shop, I no longer have that engine.

I am being offered a 74 500 cadillac engine at a decent price. Although this engine is the same plant as mine, it was dumbed down due to the gas embargo at the time. The compression was dropped to 8.5:1 and the numbers dropped to 280 hp and 380 ft/lb torque.

If I were to buy that engine and add a supercharger:

1. How much would the supercharger and installation cost me?

2. What gains in performance can I expect to see?

3. How feasible is this.

Thanks everyone for the advice
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Hey and welcome to the site mate
adding a turbo is possible but it is alot of work and £££ where as it could well be cheaper buying a turbo car to begin with
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although they are for for turbos the same is for supercharging.

we dont get the nice V8s over this side of the pond but as long as the blocks strong the compression ratio is low enough to charge.

how much power would come from the boost level you run the charger at. start low down and work it up gently along with fueling until you find the limit - start getting predet (pinking / knocking) then back it off. also an idea to run on super unleaded

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Hello and welcome,

It seems to me that the 500c.i. is a bored and stroked version of the 472 you had, would it not be possible to find some refurbished heads from another 472 and bolt them straight on, are there many other differences between the two engines?
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