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I am after some advice about this engine, i am looking to get a bit more power, i have a very good guide for it also.

Once ive finaly got the engine installed into my car, im going to be changeing a couple of things before i fire it up.

bigger turbo (T3) and Remap, and bigger injectors, bigger front mount.

I am struggling like mad to find the bigger injectors, and cannot think what car these could come out of!

The turbo isnt a problem, the Remap not a problem, as if i cant remap it, il go stand alone ECU and map that way. (might be easier)

Any one any ideas where i can get the bigger injectors from?

new to forum, so be gentle! :lol::lol::lol:

Hi Dane and welcome to TorqueCars.

Nice project - what sort of power gains are you looking at ending up with?

I think the SRi uses the Bosch injectors so have you looked at the MI16 injectors? The T16 405 engine put out 200bhp and you might find these injectors supply more juice. The fuel pump would also need to be uprated.

Failing that you might have to chat with bosch and see what they can suggest.
mi16 injectors are hard to find. or so ive found.

Im doing it as a little project, engines going into a 306 (was a gti6, but cam belt snapped) and i got it dirt cheap!

Ive got a thing about turbos, just love the noise they make.

Id be happy if i hit 200bhp mark, even happier with more. Ive got a very good guide. Although it says for best power, change head for a 16v head, which i dont want to do.

Already have a fuel pump laying around from what they use for the "supercharged" gti6's capable of 400bhp, so that should do. Need to find if the injectors they use are same as 406, although im not wanting that amount of power.
I bet you'd be very happy with 400bhp though. Its nice to know there is more on offer after you have built the car.

I also love turbo noises - the sweet song of a turbo spooling up and then the dump noise!
would be too much in a front wheel drive car.

eventually, il pay out a bit more and see how much power the engine can take on standard internals.

If i can get to around 250 mark, id be more than happy. Does any one know what the internals can take comfotubly?

I can do 99% of the work my self.

Recently fitted a 1.8 volvo turbo engine in a clio which was fun. On a budget of £300!!!
the clio was £300 all in!

my engines cost me £150 for a whole car with tax and test, done 84k full service history.

keeping the full car as knowing my luck il need some more parts off it. then once got everything, just going to weigh it in!

will have a look, but dont like sound of Evo engine in a clio lol
the 406 is a shady area for me...

I wouldn't have thought that the Mi16 injectors would cut the mustard as they are generally used on an NA engine....T-16 would work but i think you might have to speard your wings a bit to get the best possible ones like maybe getting the nozzles for injectors for a completely different car!

For my car (306 1.9 TD) the best nozzles to use are actually off a merc! there a company in shropshire that will make them for me...ther not cheap but because of how they atomise the fuel they are much better at improving power and
fuel economy (that when your not driving like your hairs on fire)
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