4 Wheel Drive Conversion.??


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Firstly is it possible and how much would it cost routhly

Secondly do you think it would be worth it i find part the fun of the car is the sidewise action it can give if you want it :D
Well all things are possible, the only limitations usually are your wallet and your imagination ;)
I'm sure one of the lads will be along in a while with a definitive yes or no for you :)

Your signature looks ok btw MX5
It is a massive job, and not really worth the effort or cost - To get the power to the front wheels you'd need a heavily modified gearbox for starters and it would ruin the lovely handling of your car.

If I were you i'd stick with power mods and go the supercharger or turbocharger route.
Having driven offroad in a variaty of four wheel drive vehicles for pleasure or competition I will say save your money and buy a 4X4 to play with. To start they handle so differently you will be dissapointed. The Miata is a thing of beauty when negotiating a four wheel drift in stock trim that would impossable to to acomplish in a four wheel drive machine.
It's "apples & oranges", Jim
Hi as it is written above everything is possible. But I am not sure if there is enough space under hood to accommodate extra front diff.
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