323f newbie!


England Bristol
323f 1.5 HatchBack
Hi guys im new to this fourm
was just wondering if anyone out there could give me some advice on modifications along with some DO's and DONT's to get me started into this wonderful world of Sexy car's :amuse:

The Ride
Car: Mazda 323f Celebration 1.5
Style: Hatchback
Year: 1999
Colour: Champagne Silver

and was still wondering if it is really worth spending the money on ?
i have taken a breif look online for anyone with this car doing modifications and still can .not find any so i thought i would throw it out there and add a nice one to the collection maby?

i have already changed the wheels to a nice set of rota subzero's 17" in silver with polished lip and i get quite a few looks even for the car being standard!

my spelling so poor please go easy on me :embarrest:
is there anywhere online that i can get part's for my car ?
i was looking to lower it about 35mm and im nnot sure what coilover kit/ suspension i should be looking at to get?

im looking around at the moment with online stores for parts but nothing's really around
any link's ?
would be very greatful thanks ! :D
It is so frustrating trying to find parts for some models of car.

I'm sure there must be kits around. http://torquecars.potn.com is generally quite well stocked with options, also try and find a Koni kit, or Spax or Apex they do upgrades for the 323 suspension.
hey if you search for 323f owners club on google you'll find a forum just for 323f and theres lots of guys modding them on there, one guys turbod the 1.5 an is looking at around 140-150whp.

*Removed URL link as per our T&C's.

Sorry buddy, I'm sure you mean well but new members need 10 posts before they are allowed to post up any URL's or photos, this helps us to deter the naughty spammers.

T9 man
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