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mazda 323 gti
Hiya guys another 323 owner here!! mine a little more old skool thn ures but still goes well! Its a 1.8l DOHC gti. bout 130bhp on the book but probs running bout 115bhp as a lil old!
Only prob i got is starter not turnin proper. any advice would be greatly welcome!
Will have a few pics up in next couple of days.
speak 2 ya soon
Is it a 4x4? It will be nice to see your pics but I think you need 10 posts on here before you can post up pics so get posting mate.
The 323 suspension towers are the same in all models of the same year so you should be ok. You might even be able to get a custom one made up.

You can get the starter reconditioned. It is usually just a dead relay so should be cheap to fix. Get some redex through the engine to give it a thorough clean out then give it a full service and some nice new HT leads. This should help get back the missing power. (It could be down to lost compression though, a compression test will tell you what the condition of the engine is like. Might be time to think about a rebuild.)

A turbo engine swap would be good! I bet the compression ratios are different so you can't just bolt on a turbo sadly. I guess you could run a low boost turbo or supercharger if you wanted a big power gain.

I'd stick with Cams, Sports exhaust, panel air filter and uprated brakes/suspension for now if I were you.
hey waynne! thanks for the input its been a great help!! starter is complety dead one of the cogs os but but ive found 1 on ebay for a 5er!! so not all is lost! im still havin trouble findin a strut brace but suspension aint a problem!! ive already put some redex through and she runs a lil better now!! compression test bein done 2moz with luck! and got sum new bosch leads and plugs on order!
I'm sure Demon Tweeks do a strutbrace for the 323F GTi because I used to have one and at one stage I was looking at speccing it up.
RE. some help with the choice of some mods for my 323 GTI

Hi there, I'm a new member to this forum. As u can read I've got a mazda 323 GTI 1.8L [not 4x4 GTR].

Like 'robsexton' I'd like to add some mods, these being: an over-engine strutbar and either a normal or cold air induction kit.... SO, I would therefore appreciate if anyone has any info with regards to which strutbar and induction kit I can buy and from where [ which make, which would be compatible, etc.].

PS...I've heard that not all induction kits are compatible, due to the location of the air flow meter being on the factory airbox itself.

Demon Tweeks in Wrexham do strutbraces for Mazda 323GTis-momo from memory but they do mail order and their catalogue's online where you'll also find K&N induction kits or replacement filaments.I strongly recommend you go front and rear on the strutbraces because of the following incident.

In July '04 I was bouncing round Liverpool in a '91 black 323F GTi I'd picked up from Preston-I'd had time to transfer the insurance from my red '91 323F GTi with busted piston rings but not the Yokohama A539s so it was on a raggy mixed set-legal but terrible.

I went into a couple of S-bends I know very well to discover a Nurse in a '91 VW Golf straddling the white line because she was passing parked cars. I dived into the left and touched the brakes because I was used to the Yokos but on the raggy tyres the back end kicked out into a 270 spin which would have been 360 but for the Golf.

I showed the Nurse my insurance docs and offered the Nurse the choice of claiming off my insurance or £300 for a replacement '91 Golf by the end of the week and she very gracefully accepted the offer of a new Golf which enabled me to whizz the engine out of the black GTi with a chainsaw-it's surprising how quickly you get a lump out when you're not bothered about the rest of the car-and bung it in the red one because losing 3 years no claims bonus would have cost me a lot more than £300.

The moral of the story is that in extremis the back end goes before the front so if you tighten up the front make sure you tighten up the front as well although the moral of the story part 2 is put it on good tryres before you do anything to it.

Another option is going to a light engineering works and asking them to fabricate strut braces-you can either take them the vehicle or take the measurements and for a couple of strips of rolled steel it shouldn't be that dear.
I think the K&N induction kit is supposed to be one of the best for the 323F. I think you have to mess about with the AFM too.

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