307 XSi Mods?

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Hi Guys,

Been a while since i've posted but i'm after a few opinions on engine mods.

As it is, the 2.0ltr engine is pretty standard but i want to start changing a few things to get some better power out of it! If anyone has any suggestions on a good place to start or anything they have done it would be much appreciated....
I would start nice and steady with a performance panel air filter upgrade and a free flowing performance exhaust system to begin with. If the age of your car will allow it then a good remap by somebody who knows what they are doing.
Its always a good idea to have a service done on the car first before the remap and that includes changing the spark plugs as well.
Thanks for the relpy,

Probably should of mentioned i've already got a replacement panel filter, that was the first thing i did :). I've also priced up a cat-back exhaust system but my original back-box is going to be blowing pretty soon so i'm basically running it to failure then replacing it!

Its an '03 car and from what i've seen a remap alone would only get me around 10hp, so i'm looking to (for example) replace the cams then remap it and gain more around 30-40+hp?? It just had a full service around January.

Any more suggestion would be great!

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