307 XSI - ESP Warning Light

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Hi Guys,

This has me and my dad completely stumped!! It's either going to be incredibly simple or more complicated than we have so far investigated!

The problem is, the ESP warning light comes on when I drive over 5mph in a straight line (that will be improtant later on). It started after I took my steering wheel off to replace a faulty comms unit, after the wheel was back on all was fine although the wheel was a little off center which I assumed was why the ESP warning started coming on, so a few days later I took the wheel back off and set it straight but to my surprise the ESP warning kept coming on!

I had thought it was maybe a sensor/marker on the hub of the steering wheel not sensing the position correctly because if I drove in a circle the warning didnt come on leading me to believe the car thoght the wheels were straight when they were turned, I took the wheel back off and repositioned the sensor/marker to a central position but unfortunately no joy!

I cant really think what else could be wrong as everything was working before I took the wheel off.

As always any help would be appreicated.......
Re: 307 XSI - ESP Warning Light-UPDATE!

Decided to take my car to Team Valley Tuning in Gateshead to see if they could have a look on the diagnostics side and it turns out that the position sensor on the steering wheel hub just needed reprogramming after we replaced the faulty comms unit which originally started the problem! For £30 it was an easy fix!

So, turned out there was actually nothing else we could do and we hadn't done anything wrong! Just one of them things.....
Great stuff mate, if only it could always be that simple, woman, cars, can't always decide which is more.......interesting, [ forgive me ladies ].
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