306 petrol turbo

Hi guy's,
I have a 306 1.8 16v petrol meridian and am interested in putting a turbo on it or maybe a supercharger. i have no idea how to do either of these but i know i have the space under the bonnet. At the moment its pushing out 120bhp with its induction kit fitted. Any suggestions?
Regards Joe
Hello if you havent read much about tuning on this website then i suggest you do this as there is plenty of information on ifs and buts. In my opinion it is not worth it to put a turbo on the engine that have never had a turbo on as it will cost you more then twice the value of the car and can creat a lot of trouble on the way as well as at the end. It would be better if you get there by changing few things in the engine http://www.torquecars.com/tuning/engine-tuning.php after this things you can get it remaped and of you go. I would have thought even there is so much involved you wont have as many problems as well as cost with fitting a turbo. Hope that helps
We get asked this question a lot so have a look at these threads which cover the basics. I have to admire your ambition though!:D And I hope you pull it off.


Cheap turbos can be purchased from breakers yards which are ideal for a try it and see type project.:bigsmile:

There is nothing stopping you but the money and hassle will just not be worth the power gain you get. It is better to just buy a better car for your tuning project.:confused:
Adding a turbo is a major engineering task and without a kit with full instructions and all the parts you need there is a big risk of blowing up the engine. Expect to spend 50 hours upwards on a project of this type. This is not the sort of modification you should undertake unless you are mechanically competent and know what you are doing.

It is worth looking at superchargers as these are generally much easier to install than a turbo is.
Lynx engineering does supercharger conversions for the 306. Mainly for 2.0 Litre 16v engines. I am sure they can sort something out. Beware thought, it's very expensive.

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