306 d turbo boost controller fitting?


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306 1.9 D-turbo
looking for some advice of where to fit the controller? i know its meant to go on the boost signal line to the turbo but i have the kkk k14 which has the metal signal line, so would i be able to plumb it into the boost compensator hose and control the boost from there? or would it not work?? thanks guys :bigsmile:
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This one is for Jarrus... he is the man in the know when it comes to D turbo 306's.

I think you can fit the boost controller to the compensator, but i think the best place is the pipe going from the turbo to waste gate... but you will need to fit a boost gauge to monitor what your turbo is doing and how much PSI its boosting at.

At stock it should be around 12 psi, and safely I would recommend 15 - 16 psi on stock internals and intercooler.

Jarrus should be along soon and he can correct anything I got wrong or add bits I may have missed out.
Young J knows his stuff with the 306 that's for sure
he will guide you as to the best course of action to take, but davalav explanation sounds pretty plausible to me!
Cheers T9! I've been researching a lot recently about 306 tuning and learnt a lot! But if you really want an accurate boost tune then do it manually. You'll need to find out what fuel pump your running. there is 2 types, Lucas and Bosch pumps.. you'll need to tune the boost compensator on the fuel pump. Once you have done that you need to tune the boost pressure from the turbo by using the waste gate... but before you do any form of tuning you need a boost gauge, unless you like the smell of fried internals :lol:

Have a watch of this video. Of course boost controller or manual tune is completely up to you.

Thanks for the replies! the reason i was asking about the controller was because my waste gate adjuster had seized :sad2:, but i have managed to have it free it all up this weekend :D i have got a Lucas pump and currently have increased it by about 40-60 degrees and have turned the compensator anti-clockwise about 1.5 turns, and i am now seeing 18 psi on the gauge and a small amount of smoke off boost! :lol:
Thats quite a lot for a 306D :blink:

There is 14psi in a Bar. You are running over 1 Bar of pressure there. Whats your exhaust like? At that sort of pressure you may need to alter the exhaust a little. And make sure the exhaust man is not restricting the air flow.

Other than that happy days! I blew my turbo up on my 1.8D Escort trying to turn it up all the way.
Ive just decat it and got a standard back box at the moment! i don't think 18 psi is that high, there are many people on the net running 25 + psi with front mount intercoolers :D
Hi dude, I've replied to your post on my visitor page,

18 PSI is what you're aiming for and are currently running so that good, leave it there, if you wastegate is stuck then you maybe getting 18psi because you've added the extra fuel. As for the boost controller, it needs to go between the wastegate and a boost source of somekind, best place is on the compressor housing where the original hard pipe is connected,

Also, you want to screw you boost compensator in wards, (clockwise) I know this contradicts what what other people say but this way you will get less off boost smoke, and more power (after you've added some more on the max fuel screw) put your boost compenstator screw all the way in then screw it out 2 whole turns then go from there, you may have less power to start with but then dial in about 20 degress more max fuel after that and you should be good to go :)

A friend of mine achieved a relatively smoke free tune on a lucas pump, and a K14 turbo running 18psi and got 130 hp and 200 lbft with just a decat and standard exhaust.

What turbo is on yours?

Also if you need help with anything you only live 30 mins away from me :)
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Wow!, i would love to have that sort of power :O, i have the k14, and i am going to have a go at altering the tune this weekend hopefully, going to try it with the compensator right in and more max fuel :)

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