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Right though I'd post about it,
I'm looking into getting it done in my car contacted pug1off no responce yet
anyone else worth a look?

Plus it has been done before (hdifun you might want to read this as this this will probebly appeal to you)

it been done by a guy in Norway called lars apparantly he is macdaddy hdi and knows everything about them

it puts out 240bhp and over 400lbft torque
using a turbo from a 330d and fuel pump
uses amg injectors (no not that AMG.......)
and helix clutch....

It's a very quick car
DMF? Not sure what that stands for,

Not sure what It's going to cost hence my leaving pug1off an e-mail still no response...

Anyways yeah, I've been doing some more research and I think I will have to get a 3 door 306 and fit a dimma body kit so I can kit some wide ass tyres on it to contain all that torque and an LSD will be on the cards as well

But it's going to be expensive....I know that much...if it's too mad money then I'll just go with a 205 gti with a gti-6 engine and gearbox in it cause they are done for a reasonable about of money I say reasonable cause it can be done on a shoe string but I don't do that
DMF is dual mass flywheel. The 2.2 HDi engines are fitted with them as standard.

They are prone to failure, slamming 400lbft though it is likely to exacerbate this.

A solid one is not ideal either - 4 cylinder engines all exhibit significant torque reversal at the end of each power phase of the combustion cycle. This is much greater with diesel engines due to the high BMEP. It can put enormous strain on other other parts of the engine/transmission assembly.
Ok then I got a reply from pug1off, £3500 + vat that includes the engine fitting new cambelt and new clutch they didn't mention anything about the gearbox but I will call them up about it
Right I think I may write a bit more on this subject,

I've been thinking about this a bit more,

and the biggest problem I am going to have it laying all that torque on the ground,

about the widest tyres that will fit under the standard 306 arches are 205's
*205/40/17 are about the biggest you can use without scrubage

I have asked on the 306 forum about the issue but about the only replies i got consisted of "why do you want to do that" and "just don't"

I reckon I'm going to need 225 or 235 tyres to affective contain the mountain of torque,

I have a 5 door so the dimma kit won't work,

any suggestions?


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Going 20mm wider won't suddenly be able to contain all that torque. Use a semi-slick tyre (AO48, R888) with a soft compound, LSD and good driving instead. This is the problem with all the power and torque through the front wheels, it just isn't useable. Fun but not useable. Part of the reason I stopped my project.
Yeah obviously I would need a slippy diff.... maybe a wider track but semi slick tyres aren't really an option as it would be my everyday car...
I love diesels but they are a pain in the ass when tuning, at least with petrol engine the chances are that you aren't going to tare your gearbox a new arse hole every time you pull off the drive,....

Take for instance a guy supercharged his gti6 to 400 hp and 285 ish lbft
and because it gave him such a linear torque delivery he used the standard wheels and tyres...with a slip diff though
I couldn't use gti6 wheels and tyres with the 2.2 hdi if it's pumping out the kind of unholy power that I mention in the start of this thread

*sigh* I honestly don't know what to do now....
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Well I know that,

and lsd controls the amount of difference in the turning speed between the driven wheels,
and if that difference becomes too great then the diff locks so that both driven wheels are turning at the same speed
That what I have always been told
There is that. You'll probably have to buy one anyway just to get the DW12 engine. A 406 is considerably heavier than a 306 so it's not going to be quite as lively.
Yes, I'd love to have a go....but I guess I would need quite some time to figure out how it's going together, plus this is my everyday car I would be "butchering" so I got to be careful.....this conversion has been done before so I know it's not impossible,
but the price of the engine is the killer part though... gti-6 engine's and mi16's and even 2.0 hdi's can be had for a few hundred quid where as a 2.2 hdi costs more around £1500

so I guess now then I got to start getting as much information as possible together first hand before i run my spanners out...

First thing's first, HDi..... how good are the standard injectors?
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Not sure, 2.2's are hard to come by as it is not sure about a buggered one....

They are rare. Mine was accident damaged June last year. Sadly very seriously so. I am lucky to be alive after a 55+ mph frontal impact. Unsurprisingly, the engine, was destroyed in the collision.
Never thought of asking you, lol
But that is ashame though that it got totally cream crackered
ebay is probebly going to be my best bet
Make sure you get all the other stuff as well ie. injectors, pumps, ecu etc. The 2.0HDi is very different mechanically, it's not possible to mix and match parts
Yeah thanks for mentioning that,

It does make me wonder though would it be easier to start with a 2.0 hdi 306 as it has a fair bit of the wiring already there....

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