306 1.9 TD cam belt change


Leamington Spa, UK
306 1.9TD 1997 P2
Hi all, new to this forum but already finding it of much use!

I have had my 1.9td for just under a year now and she could do with a cam belt/water pump/oil change. The kits seem to be a lot cheaper than I imagined they'd be considering the prices quoted to do the work - I know however it's not a small job - so I'm thinking of getting the spares and heading over to my parents place to work through it with dad. He is very experienced (for a home mechanic) in working with and in some cases stripping and rebuilding various engines, but never a peugeot.

Do any of these jobs have any particular Peugeot quirks to look out for? Any tips or warnings?

Thanks for your help!
Best of luck with the task in hand. I wish my dad was as helpful with my cars as your dad is with yours.
Be careful changing the cambelt. You will need to make sure the timing is spot on.

Best thing to do is handbrake up, then put it in gear. Once it is in gear, the timing should stay, and will not cuase an issue. However one small movement of the cam belt assembly will cause mis timed cambelt.
Only if you keep the engine raised. It should 'lock' as its not moving. I am going by what I have heard... I would never do this my self! I struggle to put a belt around my waist, let alone a cam belt! :lol:

A cam belt change is a pain in the bum on a 306 dt, there is very little room to get your hands down the side to do the work, things to note:
Top engine mount will have to come off because the belt goes through it, put a jack under the sump with a piece of wood or a brick so you dont pierce it,
Get some 8mm pin as these will be used to lock off the cam and injector pump also a 7mm drill bit for the timing hole in the flywheel (the starter motor will have to be moved out of the way for easy access, not a hard job) you may as well replace the aux belt while youre at it,

Tensioner is the hard part, its spring loaded and when you remove it the chances are the spring in the block will shoot out at the speed of light, be careful with it...
Lastly the bottom pulley might be very tight so either get yourself a puller or get some 6mm pins and make a plate and use the big bolt to turn it off, do not chisel it off as it will break its very brittle,

Hope this helps,


ps undoing the bottom engine mount will help no end with access but be careful you dont shear the exhaust bolts
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