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hey all thinking of geting a 306 dt and thinking of moding it was thinking of remaping it or is there a better way of get more bhp and how can u tell what turbo is in it thanks
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I am unable to help you with your question directly, but you are definitely in the right place for the answers! Somebody will be along in a little while who will be able to assist you with some answers or suggestions to your query!
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Hi mate,

Which engine is yours? 1.9 XUDT or 2.0 DW10 Hdi? I'd Imagin its a HDi if it's a 2000 year.

Remap will yield anywhere from 115-130 hp depending on what company you go for adding an intercooler and a performance exhaust and remapping after that should get you to 150-165 hp Also disconnecting the EGR valve is a good idea to keep the inlet clean. De-cat will also help but due to changes in the MOT for Jan 2012 this will become illegal on our cars so other means will have to be sort like smashing the gut out of a standard cat. Still only smoke tested so they won't know it's a gutted cat.

after that then serious mods are needed and also serious money,
Things like:

Piper cam (they do 2 profiles for DW10 Hdi engine)
1.6 HDI fuel pressure regualtor
BMW 330d injection/fuel pump
Merc AMG injector tips
Some kind of bigger turbo
Water/meths injection
Propane LPG injection

plenty of options but not cheap really

also to note, stick with the standard airbox and OEM spec paper air filters as they are the best thing for it, all else is a waste of time and money (especially drop in panel filters)

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