3.0l v6 accord - a champ but very confusing


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accord 3.0l v6
Hello torque cars!
I have a 2003 Honda accord v6 3.0l vtec, this car has surprised well too many times with its awesome acceleration and amazing top end too. But I've come across a problem that may have a big price tag on it. I've been reading around other forums and they all say they're transmission is shot or in limp mode. But In my case I have intermittent 3rd gear loss. This is a 5 speed automatic. The engine has only 132000km on it. Also with a few phone calls to Honda Canada I found out that the recall work for the trannys had already been done. So two trannys in less than 200k? But this is the problem I have : my transmission looses third gear randomly, temperature has no effect, what rpm range I'm in doesn't seem to be identical, I can drive it manually shifting from 2nd to D on shift lever to get it from 2nd to 4th gear. Also this intermittent loss and gain doesn't happen all the time, it's either I don't have it or I do. It's easy to tell when I get my 3rd gear back because when u shift from 2 to 4 you will be able to feel it hit third, then I can go on about my days with no worries. I know there's a lot here and I can keep u posted on whats happening, but a new transmission is 3100 bucks and a used one I can only find for minimum 1800. An with these price tags I can't afford haha. I just need some possible options and opinions from you guys!

On another topic I love this site! It's really helping me get a inside scoop in my career field! 1st year apprentice! I hope you guys keep up the awesome work! Take care!
Sorry dont know answer to problem but would like to say welcome to the forum it is a friendly forum with a vast amount of knowledge spread accross its members!.
Hey mate welcome to the club, hope you have a pleasent stay, just don't be naughty cause we'll write you a nasty letter or something. Pics buddy ASAP start posting.
i purchased the car recently when it was at 127000km and did a fluid change as soon as i got it. i plan on doing a change again, even though i have been constantly checking the fluid for smell and discolouration with no noticeable signs.
i think the 03 - 04 accorv v6's got the maya 6 speed auto which may have been japanese made. but i may be wrong. while the baya tag was for 05 to 07 which is american made. again my information may be wrong

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