3.0 with steering shifters


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Gatineau, Quebec
Audi A4 3.0L 2002
i have a 2002 and this one comes with steering shifter (tiptronic). I like having the option, but they do not seem to be as resonsive as paddles (i test driven newer A/S 4s). Are they separate systems? Can I adjust them?
I don't think you can upgrade to the paddles. I'll ask around for you and see what I can turn up. The Audi Paddles are computer controlled but there might just be a way to alter yours.

How long have you had the car? Some auto systems learn the drivers style and adjust themselves? Do you just need to give it a bit longer?
Thanks Waynne!!!

I do not necessarily wish to install paddles. In fact I like the shifters better in terms of location on the steering wheel. Its just that they are not as responsive as the paddles I have tested... I did not know about the learning potential. I will take more care about this. I was just wondering if a remap could also tinker with this aspect of the car or if there are other ways of changing them???

Thanks again !!!
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