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rover 220 turbo
we have a rover 220 turbo its done 93,000 miles with one complete re-build it runs perfect no ticks, no rattles but the other day we put an induction kit on and after a while it began to smoke under pressure at mid revs, we looked at the intake pipes etc we found a small pool of oil in and around the air feed to the turbo. we spoke to a mechanic and he was quite vague but said it could just be burning off the excess oil being sucked through due to the extra force of the induction. we cleaned it up and replaced the air box etc back to original. now when she revs she blows clouds of blue smoke yet she runs perfect no ticks, no rattles and no loss of power i am worried that this is a major problem but cant work out what it could be, can anyone help.
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Has the oil been overfilled? It sounds like there is a leaking oil seal somewhere. Try some oil seal conditioner it may help plug this early on. If you are not careful your cat will start to complain.

Another cause could be that the oil used is too thin? Was the only change made the induction kit or did it have a service at the same time?

I'm jealous - I had the 220 GTi and know that the induction roar on those engines is awesome.
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thanks wayne, feel a bit better now, i topped her up with mobil no1 fully synthetic but know that the oil already in her is of less quality and probably not synthetic could this be the problem, probably worth doing an oil change so she is all even.
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YUP! Mobil 1 is good oil but only really suitable for newer turbo engines.

Do an engine flush as well as an oil change, leave the car without oil for as long as you can to get out every last scrap. (When oil starts to seep the joint will tend to keep on seeping for a bit unless it "dries up" :eek:)

Stick to the oil recommended in the book and you should be ok.
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Love to see some pics of your Tomcat Rover! When you get to 10 posts please post some up - it'll bring back happy memories.
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whilst going to get the bits for an oil change the electrics started messing around like electric windows working on and off the same with the heater and the idle was eratic. flushed engine changed filter and replaced oil with the recommended 10w/40 and put in the oil treatment. electric problems seem to be solved, dont know how, what, or why and the smoke is almost gone but theres a tinny ticking, sounds like its at the top of the engine. any advice? i,ll upload pics this afternoon. cheers.( we think that where she wasn,t running quite right and the temperature fluctuating might have confused? the e.c.u hence the electric problems that are o.k now? Possible?.)
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I've never known an oil change to fix and electrical fault? The engines rattle a bit when they get worn. Give the oil some time to soak into the tappets and it should all settle down after a few miles.

I bet the old oil was quite dirty - the dirt actually helps it stick to the tappets and muffles the noise.

You certainly didn't mess around and got the oil change done quickly - well done.
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i dont know what could of caused the electrical problems but they are ok now. the heater and electric windows seemed to stop working whenever she was smoking thats why i thought they coulb be linked as if there was something cutting it on and off. as we were driving along and she was smoking she would splurt and clear and the heater would cut in and out with the splurts well thats what it seemed like im probably way off but they say cars have their own personality. we done the oil change etc and whatever was wrong seems to be ok for the time being at least. she,s booked in the garage on thursday just for peace of mind.
p.s cant upload pics yet.
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Rovers certainly have a lot of personality.

Have you discovered the lift off oversteer yet?

1 post to go before you get picture permission!
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we had a black one that oversteered pretty bad on lift off but worse in the bends it was tuned by motobuild with bigger turbo etc and the turbo came in about 1500 revs, it was dyno,d at 245bhp. this torqouise one is not as bad it has more power but is delivered better, the lift off still gives us a buzz but it's the road handling that is most impressive.
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I was really pleased with the handling of mine as well - it was just the reliability that got to me in the end. I spent £1000's just fixing things.

What mods have you done to get the power up?
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alright chaps,good to find other rover turbo lovers,god you cant beat smoking the big boys in a rover:)..love it...wanting to share my turbo photos so need a few more posts then your in for a treat:)
Hi gordy. I'm a massive Rover 220 Fan. I had a 220 GTi, spend £1000s on it and it still leaked oil but it was fun to drive. I really wanted a coupe but I couldn't find a decent one. Mine was NASP, but I wish I'd gone turbo really when I replaced the engine.
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