220 GSi / GTi ??


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Rover 220 GSi
Am I just being thick or are they two different cars? I've not seen anything said about the GSi but seen alot said about GTi
I think Idnan must be comparing a 220GSi with a 216 GTi.

I would say they are pretty much the same car in different trim. Same engine, same power,same gearbox, same chassis. Suspension is also the same although the GTi's sometimes get lowered more when aftermarket parts are added.

As far as I could make out the GTI has only 3 doors and slightly different bodykit. The GSi is as quick and a fair bit cheaper to insure. When I was looking there were about 3 groups difference between them!
so, 0-60,how fast do they go, i know they are nippy, but a ballpark figure would be.........????
I've got one so im just a bit curious.
About 7.9 seconds if I remember rightly. The turbos were much quicker than this and interestingly the coupe with the same engine was slightly slower - more weight I guess.

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