206 gti more power

I dont know much about Peugeot, let alone 206 GTIs. So my "advice" is general.
Is it a turbo model? If not is the decat doing more harm than good?
Because its a coupe i believe some modifications would be lovely on it. Do not replace the bumpers. Just change the alloys and have the visors on the windows. You might want to add some glass paper on it which turns it black and i guess that's decent.
the inlet manifold is hugely restrictive on these cars, look at going down the gti 180 inlet and throttle bodie route, its not a straight forward conversion but has been done a fair few times with much improved results.
cat cams also do a fast road cam kit that really livens them up, also a 4-2-1 exhaust manifold will help get the gasses out quicker.
obviously all these mods would need a custom remap to make the most of things
Hello, Is there an option to have a little more bhp an torque without changing a lot visiual? I have some restrictions to upgrade the car and the car needs to be standard ( looking ) , but when they test it and seal it i have some extra 14 bhp and 19 Nm Torque to find somewhere. thanks, koen

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