2017 British SIM Racing Championship


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2017 British SIM Racing Championship

Hi All, is anyone in to online SIM racing, it is fast becoming a competitive arena across the UK. There are many well known famous race circuits from across the world.

BOSRA British Online Sim Racing Association are one of the UK top MSA recognised associations.

Races are free to enter, and are televised live. They have up to 60 cars per race grid, and 30 races per year.

If you are interested in competing, get along and register. Be quick those, as spaces fill fast. Create an Account / British Online Sim Racing Association

The first race of the new 2017 season starts on Tuesday 17th January.
Full calendar - BOSRA Events for 2017

More info can be found here on the blog we are putting together -
TMS Motorsport Sponsoring 2017 BOSRA Live GT3 Championship

We at TMS Motorsport are sponsoring the full season for 2017 :)


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