2013 With Sky Insurance!


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Potters Bar, Herts
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Happy New Year to everyone!

We are all geared up for a busy and exciting year and we very much look forward to offering our services to you in 2013!

A few things about us:

We are 100% UK based, from quotations, customer service to claims
We are based in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire

We specialise in Modified, Performance and Import car insurance
We employ and encourage our staff to be car enthusiasts

We are also able to cover almost every type of insurance, eg Commercial & Business Insurance , Van Insurance
If you need insurance cover for it, we can do it, try us!

We offer bespoke, tailor made policies - WE ARE NOT ON PRICE COMPARISON SITES
The nature of the insurance policies we write makes it almost impossible to provide online quotations

We support over 200 UK based car club communities
Ever growing since 2005!

We sponsor a Drift Team

We sponsor major UK car events
Japfest, Awesomefest, SupraPod etc

We have sister companies
www.insurevan.co.uk , insuredaily.co.uk , insurelearnerdriver.co.uk

We offer simply brilliant competitions aimed at car-enthusiasts

We have a blog

We use social media
Search for Sky Insurance on Twitter and Facebook

Whether you are a new or returning customer, we are confident we have some of the best rates and customer service on a multitude of products and services. Why deal with faceless companies when you can deal with the friendly and helpful Sky Insurance team?!

Contact details:

Tel: 03303 331250

Web address

You have been busy haven't you.

Hi Waynne,

Happy New Year to you.

The message I want to impress on everyone is that we have a speciality in modified, performance and import car insurance, this is our bread and butter but often it is a little hazy as to whether this is the only insurance we offer. It isn't. We are set up for non-standard car insurance and our blog, facebook, forums etc is all geared for this but as you can see from the above, we have many strings to our bows.
If you own a business and are looking for business cover, if you need to insure a car for a day or if even if you are a car club looking for public liability cover, we can help. The products and services we offer are diverse.



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