2013 Focus 2.0 GDi Sport Intake and exhaust


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Focus 2.0 GDi Sport
I'd really appreciate any advice you guys can offer.
My Focus has the 125kw (~170bhp)(at 6000RPM), 200Nm 2.0l Duratec NASP motor.
In the higher revs the power is fantastic. 0-100kph is about 8s. (62 mph).
I'd like a bit more torque, better throttle response times.
Options seem to be quite limited with NASP motors. Will CAI / High flow air filter achieve the desired results? Could I do this as a starting point and do exhaust mods later on or is it futile doing air intake without doing the exhaust as well?
Or do I start with exhaust, or again, will it be futile if I'm not increasing the air intake?

As for the exhaust, 2 inch? 2.5 inch?
Straight pipe? Sports Cat and silencer - both, either or neither?

Can I do this without remapping or chip tuning? The car is still under factory warranty.

Please HELP :confused:
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