2009 Toyota Camry 2.4L 2AZFE


2009 Toyota Camry S
What is the best way to get a peeformance tune for my 2009 2AZFE with these upgrades?

1. Custom fabricated intake K&N pod filter.
2. JET aftermarket Mass air flow sensor.
3. Bigger throttle body (Mazda rx8 70mm bore diameter).
4. Throttle body spacer.
5. WEAPON R intake manifold.
6. KELFORDS street performance camshaft.
7. Custom fabricated headers with hi flow bullet catalytic converter and full custom exhaust.

Can the ecu be reflashed?
What is the best way to go?


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You need to find a tuning shop near you. Any proper tuning shop with a dyno can perform a proper tune for you. That is the proper way to tune: on a Dynamometer with proper programming/diagnostics setup hooked up and proper software, knowledge and expertise about how to do the tune.

There is no other way to tune properly. "Race chips" are largely garbage because they are not for your car, they are a tune on a chip meant to work for many cars, which doesn't work well. You need a specific tune for your specific vehicle off the line, with all the specific manufacturing tolerance defects, etc that come with your vehicle.

Even if you buy a "race chip" for your specific make and model, it STILL will not be the best tune, because its made for any Toyota 2AZFE, and you need a tune for YOUR 2AZFE, which may tune differently from others. You need the actual vehicle on a dyno with programming setup hooked up and the right person behind the computer.

$300-$500 and worth every penny because this is the true proper way to tune in the end.

You also get to tell the tuner what you are looking for (better MPG, more power, etc) and he can tune accordingly. That is yet another reason why this is the best way.

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