2006 Chevy Colbalt SS mods


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I recently purchases an 06 chevy colbalt SS and want to start putting some mods on it. i was wondering what your guys's advice is to the mod process... should i start with a tune, exhast, intake, or something else. it would be greatly appreciated if i could recieve some insight on this...thanks :bigsmile:


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See this is an old post but im new to this forum. This is how i started, kn air filter too hear the sc whine. From here I went with a zzp full exhuast to set me up for a turbo swap later. This also sets you up for a smaller pulley (2.7 is the route i took). And 60# injectors and intercooler for the extra heat produce all at once so you can get away with just one tune ( zzp stage 3 kit is the best bang for the buck). I bought a hp tuner but if you don't know how to tune or have access to a dyno save the $650. You'll be able to push alot more boost so youll need a wideband a/f gauge to monitor your engine. Booste controller recommended so you arent running 22lbs all the time =bad on engine. From their you'll can to upgrade you cams, pistons, port and polish ect. I feel safe running the m62 on 18lbs of boost with this set up. ~335 bhp on a moderate tune
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