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I want to add power and torque. I noticed there’s not a lot of options for the 6 series. More aftermarket stuff for the 3 and 5 series. Should I replace my stock headers, catalytic converters with high flow ones?

I’m also thinking about deleting my resonator and putting an x-pipe, removing both mufflers and straight piping it, and lastly adding an exhaust cut out because I live in New York it might be too loud.
Look for the engine rather than the series, the 6 series are relatively rare but share engines with lots of other models in the range E70 and E53 x5 for starters.

Which engine does it have I'm guessing the N62 N62B44 but there were two power versions a 315hp and 329hp one ? The V8 petrols are not built for revving but I believe Alpina pulled 523hp from this block with a stronger crank, and adding a supercharger, basically just hiking the torque through the rev range.

The exhausts on these do flow quite well so replacing it will not make much more power as there was no restriction, if however you've added a lot of power it makes sense to uprate this.

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