2004 Saab 9-3 Arc Convertible no horn, headlights, or wipers.

Everything was working fine when I bought this car three years ago. Upon further inspection it was revealed the car had been in an accident. I had a body shop pull the damaged area and after that the horn, headlights, and wipers would not work. The car has been sitting in my garage ever since.
Has anyone had this problem or know what I should look for? The damage was to the drivers side front by the tire and window washer reservoir.


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Tracking electrical faults is a bit like finding a needle in a haystack and the Saab is the haystack.

Have you checked all the fuses ?
Use a test light on the wires leading to the faulty items to see if they are getting power if they are then whatever they are connected to may be faulty.
Check all earth groundings to ensure that they are not rusty or corroded.
Pull apart all electrical connections and clean with an electrical cleaner and protect the clean joints with WD40.


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Thank you TCJBOLDIE I have checked the fuses and I know what you mean about the needle in the haystack. I'll start poking around on this haystack as soon as we get some warm weather. Thanks again for the tips. I almost gave up on this car and then I found this website and started thinking maybe there's still hope.
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