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Does anyone out there know of a 3.0 diesel X5 that has been lifted and made more 4x4 capable? I own a 2004 3.0 d 6-speed manual and I'm crazy about it's on road performance and fuel economy! I have towed my 16 foot skiboat with it and done the launching and recovery without any hiccups, but I know it's taking a chance. There's just nothing like passing slower traffic even on inclines with the boat behind and seeing their surprized faces! I would like to lift it, maybe get rid of the electronic suspension hidraulics and also fit some kind of ARB bullbar with a winch on the front. The traction control is addequit and 1st gear is strong enough for the slow stuff, but water is it's enemy, with all the electronics.


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i dont no much about these at all, but do they have a low ratio box, as i thought they were just road going 4x4 with minimal off road ability i.e wet grass etc. would be interested to know as i dont no much about the x5's and really like the look of them.
i taken my freelander off roading and that only as a intermidiate reduction drive which basically lowers the ratio slighty to allow some off road ability


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i would just stick to what you are doing

is no way to lift them due to the set up and everything runs off ecu's so would not like to get it near water
one main thing that kills them are the size of the tyres they are just to wide

had to tow one out of a ditch in the snow cos he tryed over taking something else along with a audi q7 they are road cars not off road cars
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