2002 C240 to C320 Engine swap

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I have a USA model 2002 C240 with the M112 6cyl. In the USA, this is a 2.6L engine. I took from the same year, 2002 C320 3.2L M112 6cyl engine and dropped it right into my C240. The engines are the same externally, even the ECU from both cars have the same part number. But when you swap out the C240 ECU with the C320 ECU, the car will not even turn on. The C320 engine will run on the C240 ECU but not very well. It is running lean. The ECU is married to the chasis. I have researched this and found that the ECU, Ignition lock and steering lock all must match or the vehicle will not start.... I switched them out, car will turn on but.. Problem I have, is there are no C320's in the USA with a 6sp manual which is what came stock in my C240. When I swap out all three brains from the C320 automatic, the car will not start due to the neutral safety lockout. There is no communication with the Shifter to tell the ECU the shifter is in park so it will not start.
Does anyone know who can either remap the 240 ECU to make it a 320 Map or modify the ECU program to tell the ECU that the car is now a 6sp manual? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
think it may be the immobiliser thats stopping the car from starting. the map will also be different hense the poor running. try and find a merc tuning specialist see if they can bypass the immobiliser settings within the ECU
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