2001 civic 1.6


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01 civic 1.6
Hi I'm from the UK and I have a civic VTEC 1.6 bit of a bashed up granny mobile but comes alive when you put you foot down lol, really want to do some mod for more power/performance better handling and breaking, but I want to keep it sleeper-ish any advice tips etc would be grateful thanks in advance.
The engine and gearbox suggested by @TCJBOLDIE will be pricey. I don't know the ins and outs of a VTEC engine and Civics in general, so this is some general advice that applies to most cars:
Air intake and exhaust upgrades, fuelling (pump, lines and injectors) upgrades, remap = more bang/power.
Larger brake discs, pistons and braided lines will give better braking.
Coilover suspension will give better cornering/handling.
Research is the key as well as the budget before twirling the spanners so see if there are any specialist Honda wreckers OR workshops that offer a fitting service as they will have all the little bits and pieces that are needed for a smooth change over like wiring harness and computer etc.

See if there are any Honda forums or clubs as well as they may have members that have carried out that mod already and can point you in the right direction.
Yeah I've been looking around for parts tips etc what are good/bad prices all sorts really

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