2001 206 GTI 138 project

hi everyone me and the wife recently purchased our first joint car together its a 2001 206 gti 138 in moonstone silver, has 107k on the clocks and is a pretty tidy car seeing as its 13 years old

since purchasing a couple of weeks ago i have done the following

new front discs and pads
sportex oval back box
new oe centre section
k&n panel filter
new oil and filter
new plugs
removed and cleaned throttle bodie and refitted

the car is really good to drive it feels well balanced and has a very strong torquey 2.0 16v engine in there, but anyone that knows about this engine knows that it was restricted quite a bit by peugeot themselves mainly by a terrible inlet manifold, crappy exhaust manifold which also rattles like hell (common fault) and a very conservative engine map

so i have already purchased an ecosse full 4-1 exhaust manifold which sees some impressive gains on its own, coupled with a set of uprated engine mounts to eliminate any movement.

onto the inlet side of things i have decided go for the inlet from the 206 gti 180 which is far superior in design but is not a straight fit, to fit ill need the following

180 alternator
306 gti 6 throttle bodie and icv
custom adapter

i understand that just by fitting the inlet the average gains are around 10-15bhp.

i will of course when these items are fitted be getting the car remapped to make the most out of everything and make sure all is safe.

im hoping to get the car on a hub dyno before we carry out these mods to see what we have to work with.

but this weekends plan weather permitting is to give the car a real good detail as its in need of it.

i will get some pics up for you all tomorrow evening
Iv had the winter tyres on my old van and the wife's seat ibiza and they were great on both.
Rainsport 3 imo are by far the best road tyre especially for us in this country haha
Jus an update on the tyres they have totally transformed the car so much better now In all aspects.

Oh and the update that interests you more my supersprint manifold lowering springs and virbvirbatechnics engine mount will be here today
Definitely mate don't think they will go on until after winter now though.
really looking forward to getting the manifold on I will at some point fit a supersprint centre section as well.

the new supersprint manifold has arrived must say it looks a real quality bit of kit, should certainly make an improvement over the rattly crappy oe manifold
its a quality bit of kit for sure, supersprint are pretty costly but i think you do get what you pay for in these cases. it will certainly sound better and give a little performance gain :)

ill be adding the supersprint centre section at some point next year,
very busy atm as moving house tomorrow but the plan is to get the manifold and uprated engine mounts fitted along with the lowering springs around april/may next year, if funds allow me to do it earlier in the new year then i will
Bit of an update i decided to purchase an alluminium bottom pulley from pug1off this was something that has not broke the bank and should help speed things up a little im sure when its matched with a lightweight flywheel it will be spot on.
That's a coincidence Andy, I sent that very same site over to a new member on here from South Africa yesterday, he was looking for a Peugeot performance parts company who exported to SA.
They are a damn good company produced some fantastic 205 builds i will be getting the lightweight flywheel off them next year for sure.
Spoox are another good peugeot place also
Aluminium bottom pulley arrived from pug1off real quality bit of kit and my god its so light less than half the weight of oe item.


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finally got broadband fitted into the new home :)

just received my can og bg44k which i shall putting in half at a time, the wife also informs me that she put v power in instead of tesco 99 and could feel the difference virtually straight away, i cant report on this as iv not drove the car since saturday.

hi matey erm nothing to report of any note, very busy with the new house etc all i can say is we have all the bits here ready to go on but its 100% going to be next year probably april/may when we get them on and get this project really moving forward.

next year will see the car lowered 40mm, new exhaust manifold fitted, gti 180 inlet conversion and to tie it all in a custom remap.

im hoping give the car a good clean this sunday afternoon weather permitting
Well at least you should be well settled into your new humble abode by Christmas buddy; the missus will be very happy no doubt which is an extra plus point :)
Well at least you should be well settled into your new humble abode by Christmas buddy; the missus will be very happy no doubt which is an extra plus point :)

too right fella we are still waiting on the new sofa which is meant to be here next thurs/fri so for the minute were sitting on sun loungers haha, great for watching the footy with a few beers ;).
after what seems like ages i finally have an update for you all :)

next wednesday the car will be getting the lightweight billet crank pulley and supersprint manifold fitted, really looking forward to it should make a nice little difference
well as always plans dont always come to light

last saturday some kind person decided to kick the drivers side mirror off the car whilst my wife was at work in it, so i ordered a replacement unit off ebay and was promised it would be here tuesday, it finally turned up last night so i was straight out to fit it in the pitch black took me all of about 15 mins :), out of interest i had the wife ring a couple of local garages see what they would charge £55-70 :rolleyes: crazy prices.

so the billet pulley and manifold has been put on hold until new year now and who knows i might even have the billet flywheel to go with them as well
Very tidy looking. Great condition for the age, debadge, perfect wheels - nice car all round.

thanks fella its not bad at all really, i do like the fact its debadged and i actually love the oe 16" nimrod alloys i think they suit the car perfectly. should look much better when its dropped 40mm and a few little exterior touches
finally have a bit of an update for you guys

the car has been faultless since owning it and continues to be so, i have today managed to strike a deal for a vgc k&n typhoon induction kit these cost £200 brand new and iv managed get it for £70 :) so i will be fitting this sometime over the xmas period and reporting back how i find it
I thought so as well i would of never paid 200 for one as lets face it there wont be any noticeable performance gain but a nice induction noise will be gained and maybe a bit sharper thottle response.
The good thing about this kit is that it sits nowhere near any hot parts of the engine it actually comes off the tb then has 2 90 degree bends that take it down into near the wheel arch area. You have to remove passenger front wheel and arch lining to fit it

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