2001 1.8t


alright I have a 2001 1.8t and im having problems with it. the car was running with a huge loss of power and i am un able to figure out what the problem is. im getting a boost preasure loss code and a random missfire code. I replaced the n75 and the deverter valve thinking that was the problem, with no change I pulled the turbo thinking that was going to be my problem but that wasent eather. so with that said im kinda stuck. also im thinking if I have the car pulled apart this far maby i should do some minor upgrades the car witch has 100thousand plus mi. so im going to change out the turbo anyways even tho it is in working cond. any help would be greatly apreated, thanks
It is probably just a split or loose hose. Can you hear rushing air? Get someone to rev it gently whilst you are looking under the bonnet.

Atmospheric dump valves can cause this issue but the diverter shouldn't as it doesn't lose any air.

Next up check the coil packs and plugs. Removing the plugs one at a time will hopefully show up any firing faults on one cylinder.

Has the car been modified? (Remapped, induction kit, de catted etc...)
Oh and re turbos, fit the newer KO3s, a Hybrid turbo or the KO4 if you want bigger power (you'll need a remap and the KO4 is not a straight swap).
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split vac line would be my guess. theres a couple of culprit ones
Y line on the right hand side of the engine
long breather pipe under the intake manifold. thats the main 2

edit if the current turbos fine dont do anything else until you have the engine running properly
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