2.o auto air deflector+ ST170 snorkel & ST170 airbox for 1.6 focus??


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Focus 1.6 zetec 5dr
Hi. I will soon be getting my mums focus 1.6 zetec as my first car:D ive seen on other forums people talking about fitting a 2.0 auto air deflector. ST170 snorkel & ST170 airbox to this engine. as its gonna be my first car i have little mechanical knowlage. Im ok about the st170 airbox bit but what's the air deflector? and snorkel? Odvioulsy its all to do with induction but what part goes where and also how much power gain can i expect from doing these three things? Sorry if its a bit of a dumbass question but im new to the world of cars!
the snorkel is what connects to the airbox from the front of the car and at a guess the air defelector will be the air dam that sits behind the grill lights to scoop the air into the snorkel.

before fitting the airbox smooth out the internals in it to make the inside less restricitve
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