2 litre 8v golf gti cutting out intermittently


UK peterborough
Golf V5 auto
my gti will run normally, but at random intervals will cut out (i can hear the relays clicking when it happens) - sometimes if I tap the area of the dash where the fuses/relays are the engine will start again and run normally until it happens again. a RAC guy who recovered me one night said that it was a relay problem, so I have replaced to two engine related relays (18 & 30) but the problem has not gone away... Any advice/suggestions appreciated
You sure it's not a loose wire/fuse on the fuse box itself.?
After a lot of head scratching I have (in my mind at least!) eliminated wiring/ fuse/relay problems after replacing fuses and relays and checking wiring umpteen times with multimeters etc. If i start car and leave it idling, it will rune for 15 mins - half an hour fine then just die :( If I try and start it again straight away it will either fire and die immediately, or not start at all - If I leave it for a couple of hours, it will start and run fine again for a few minutes, then as above. I have read that if its the crank sensensor the tacho will not operate as you turn the engine over, also that if you cool the sensor with some water, and if it is faulty the car should start - I will be trying these tricks over the next couple of days (day job allowing) and post results...
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