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Hello, new to the Forum :D

I may be going to look at a 51reg Bora this week, and I wondered just what people thought of them from an owners POV

I've read online reviews, and whilst they seem to be quite underpowered, most owners can't speak highly enough of them. At the minute I'm driving a Fiat Bravo, and whilst, honestly, I couldn't be happier with the way that car has served me for the 3 years, I'm hitting 21 and would like something a little more reliable and quicker...plus the insurance is coming down and I think they can be good lookers.

Also what decent mods can be done to them? I've read a few articles and noticed the engines need quite a bit of work to make them nippy, and I'd be lowering it too, a friend has a lowered Bora with 18's on it, and I think it looks fantastic.

Thanks all :D
Greetings and Welcome to TorqueCars My Friend! :)

I believe that TC members pgarner until recently had one and yugguy currently has one! Hopefully they will spot this thread and will no doubt give you their unbiased opinions on the car, although I must say that these chaps are seasoned TorqueCars veterans and know their stuff, so as they have bought the car then in theory there cannot be much wrong with it, if anything at all ;)

Good luck ;)
Howdo mate. Boras are ok, quite reliable and cheaper than the same golf, but they're in no way exciting. Bad points are that the standard suspension is pants and the standard vw mkiv lighting is horrendous, so bad that when I first drove at night I had to stop to check if my lights were on. So stick some better bulbs in immediately.

If you want quicker but to keep cheaper insurance than what about a dreaded diesel? It might be dull and noisy but my cheaply remapped 130 has enough poke to keep a lot of 'better' cars honest.

Until the slightest hint of damp of course and then its wheelspintastic.

I've made them sound bad by listing all the bad points but mine has been pretty reliable, parts are cheap and if you want to mod there is loads of stuff out there. And I quite like the neat saloon look of it. If you get a well-looked after one you should be fine.
Mine is lowered a little and can catch the front valance on speed bumps if I don't take it really slowly.
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hey and welcome to the site mate

dont touch the 2ltr engine mate seriously underpowered. bro in law had one in a golf GTi and the wifes 1.6 golf was keeping up with it
2.0 8v 115bhp
1.6 16v 105

and there isnt really much for the 2.0 engines in the way of tunability

if you are wanting a bora id suggest the 1.8t - AUM or AUQ engines (150bhp from around 2001 or 180bhp after 2003) or the 2.8 v6
or the 130 or 150 diesels

as yugguy says the headlights arent even pants, literly putting pants in place of the bulbs would probably be better. i put some nightbreakers in mine and even then when in full beam is like what most cars are like in dipped. plus side is that you can get away with having the fog lights on all the time as they are built into the headlight unit and the headlights are that bad noone ever notices them ;)

suspension - non sport is rolly polly, sport isnt too bad but doesnt inspire confidence in corners

brakes - standard setup is poor, 312mm upgrade is advisable if you dont get it as standard. even then i wasnt too happy wiith it
Hi, I'm new to this forum, and recently bought a 2002 V6 4 Motion 6 speed manual. Its got the sunroof,full black leather,and hasn't been modified.Its got plenty of grunt and for its first trip I took it from Sydney to a place called Mudgee in Australia - about 400kms each way. I had 4 adults in the car and a boot full of bags, and it purred all the way there and back. No power issues with my car. Only thing I need to do is replace the suspension cause it was a bit springy :amazed: All the same 'I like it' and it went well.

I plan to throw some money at it to try bring it back to its best. I'm looking at new headlights from JDM and hoping that I can get them installed because my old ones are very hazy/smokey. These are the ones I was planning on:


Does anyone know about the LED day time feature on these lights ? Are they on during the day automatically or just when you turn the lights on?

I'm also wondering how much it would be to fit them. I believe they are 'plug n play' but incase it needs wiring, I'll take it to someone.
woudl say they come on as the sidelights, but with a little play with the wiring you could have them come on with the ignition.

Fitting couldnt give a price exercise as it will depend on the garage used

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