2.0 TFSi carbon build up and cam problems


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Just a quick head up on these issues that are getting a lot of coverage. I got a chance to speak with an Audi mechanic off the record the other day.

Firstly the carbon build up issue that is reported to affect these engines is not a major issue as it's made out to be. The larger non turbo engines that run at low rpm are the problem.

If you do a lot of short journeys on a cold engine the exhaust gases are recirculated into the intake and this is where the deposits happen. Keep the engine warm and avoiding short journeys cuts out 80% of the problem.

Use high quality fuel, the recommended spec of oil and use BG44k to keep the engine running cleanly.

Also the Cam lobe issue does NOT affect the BUL engine code (the 220bhp versions) and later engines. The fuel pump was redesigned to work on 3 lobes and is not now prone to excessive wear. This problem was rectified around 2008 and on some engines a lot sooner than this.

Failure to top up the oil is a major factor in accelerated fuel pump cam follower wear. Don't wait for the warning light to come on. These engines do drink a lot of oil so you really do have to watch it.

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