1999 2.0, add turbo?


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1999 vw gti 2.0L
Hello everybody, recently bought a used 1999 gti 2.0L with a cold air intake, magnaflow exhaust, and aftermarket rear suspension. It's not all that bad, gets around town fine but the idea of adding a turbo for those long road trips won't get out of my head. Iv'e heard good and bad things about trying to add a turbo to an engine, some say you should just swap a whole new one in its less of a pain, others say its not that difficult to put on a turbo. I'm wondering if 1) my car can take the torque, 2) if it cannot what else do I need to add to it so that it can. I'm pretty new with cars, and appreciate any and all responses, thank you.
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To turbocharge a naturally aspirated engine will probably cost you $$$$'s. Have a quick read here buddy!

http://www.torquecars.com/forums/f10...-engine-15003/ (http://www.torquecars.com/forums/f101/adding-turbo-nasp-engine-15003/)


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A few people normally drop the more modern 1.8T Vag engine into older Golfs.
1999 2.0 , so if you have similar model set ups to us here in England thats essentially the same 2.0 8v engine that Vw have been using since 1992 ( with various small changes).

In short, yes it can be Turbocharged, and has been done numerous times, however to have that work carried out by someone else is going to be expensive, and in this case, the gains will be outweighed by the expense. Without looking at pistons,rods, valves and springs, your going to be pretty limited on power, 200bhp should be safe enough, but its going to cost the same as putting a 1.8T engine in, which if you source the correct model, will see you with 180bhp out the box, 210-230 bhp with a remap.

In short, yes its possible, no it isnt worth it! :)

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