1994 Jaguar XJ6 Turbo Question


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1994 Jaguar XJ6
I've never put a turbo in on one of my own cars, but i've done extensive research and have seen it done several times. The question here is, has anyone seen it done on a jaguar model similar to this? If no, do you think it plausible to try?
Jaguar has never offered a turbocharged version of that engine so you're going to be doing a hell of a lot of engine modification to turbocharge that engine. Turbocharged engines are hugely different from their non turbocharged siblings.
I would stay clear of a turbo on an XJ6

If you must have forced induction a supercharger would be way easier to fit and tune.
Never been a fan of the circle style headlights hah. I'm kinda just looking for a project, would do it on an XJ12 if I could find one. Plus i doubt anyone would expect the car to have a turbo, which is always a plus.
There was also a XJ40 Chasseur. An old work colleague had one years ago and said it could seriously shift. Lots of money though, he had it at a couple years old & cost him thousands in upkeep!!

I'm not even sure if the engine will be up to it with out a lot of changes. The xjr engines can take a fair bit of power but not sure about the n/a versions?

When I looked into swapping the Saab for a v8 XJR these seemed the go too guys for tuning, maybe they can advise?
Ah thanks griffindai. Sleeper if you're talking about my car it's a V6, with ample space to incorporate a turbocharger or even a supercharger.
Hdi fun, well yeah I figured most already knew that engines shape. That's true, few modifications and the trunk could be perfect for it....
Now this is the bit I cannot understand! Yes by all accounts you could fit a couple of turbos in the rear of the car, but what about the forced air returning back to the engine, just how long would this take? seems to me that the turbo lag would be something shocking. Then there is the pipework for the forced air to return back to the engine, would this not need to be lagged/wrapped in heatproof materials as I should imagine the ducting would be pretty close to the exhaust pipe :confused:
First thing is, you wouldn't need to lower the compression for a simple system, there will be no turbo lag as there will be no need for an intercooler as the charge air would cool on it's way from the back to the front of the car.

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